Session 2.2.1

Reasoning with predicate logic (Scott Brewer and Giovanni Sartor)

Monday, 17 July, first afternoon session: 14h-15h20

Themes covered in this session:

  1. Universal and existential quantifiers
  2. Deduction in predicate logic


  • Giovanni Sartor, Law and Logic, ch. 3 (link)

Optional Reading:

  • Pollock, J.L. Logic: An Introduction to the Formal Study of Reasoning, Ch 5Ch 6Ch 7.

2 Responses to Session 2.2.1

  1. Luis Alberto Petit Guerra says:


    My name is Luis Petit and i`m civil judge.

    I`m from of Venezuela; but now study in Sevilla a Master in Constitutional Right.

    My english is basic.

    I want know if necesary speak english for the summer course,



    • gsartor says:

      Dear Louis Pettit,
      Some knowledge of English is required since this will the language of all lectures, readings and discussions in the class. Best,

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